Injured Moped Driver Wins $100,274 on Appeal

moped accident

Alvarez Law Office recently won a jury verdict of $100,274.14 for an injured moped driver. The case required an appeal of an earlier decision, which unfairly left out important evidence. Initially the insurance company would not offer any money for the injuries sustained. Walter and Steven Alvarez of Alvarez Law Office fought for this injury victim for years. Ultimately, the jury awarded the victim over $100,000 in compensation for his injuries.

The Accident

In December 2012, Carl Summerhill was traveling on a moped along Route 2 from Valparaiso to his home in Crown Point. Mr. Summerhill anticipated thunderstorms and sought shelter. He signaled and attempted to make a left turn into a parking garage. As he turned left, his moped was struck by a motorcycle driver attempting to pass Mr. Summerhill on the left. The collision sent Mr. Summerhill flying through the air and landing several feet away. He sustained a fractured hip requiring surgery to implant plates and screws into his hip. He was on crutches for months. Over the course of his treatments, Mr. Summerhill amassed tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills.

How Alvarez Law Office Helped

Mr. Summerhill filed a lawsuit. There was no offer to compensate Mr. Summerhill prior to trial by the insurance company. Ultimately, a judge ruled against Mr. Summerhill, awarding no compensation for the injured victim.
Walter and Steven Alvarez appealed the judge’s decision. In an important oversight, the judge did not allow testimony from an accident reconstructionist who supported Mr. Summerhill’s claims. Walter and Steven succeeded in appealing the first ruling. It was a result of Steven and Walter’s commitment to their client that Mr. Summerhill was able to pursue compensation for his injuries.

The story of Walter and Steven fighting on behalf of their client and winning an appeal received press attention.

The Appeal

Mr. Summerhill was given a new trial. Walter and Steven were able to show new information to the jury. Ultimately, Mr. Summerhill was awarded $100,274.14 by the jury. This was one of many examples of the lengths Alvarez Law Office will go to get results for our clients. If you have been injured, contact Alvarez Law Office, the leading injury law firm in Northwest Indiana today.

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