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Personal Injury Lawyers in Northwest Indiana

It’s an ordinary day when suddenly the unexpected occurs: a severe accident lands you in the hospital with significant injuries. The frightening truth is that such incidents can happen to anyone, anytime. Fortunately, the law supports you in these types of situations.

Personal injury lawsuits in Illinois and Indiana offer a means for obtaining compensation for the physical and emotional injuries you’ve suffered and any harm to your standard of living.

Personal injury law may seem simple on the surface, but it has significant complexities that require legal counsel. The attorneys at Alvarez Law have extensive experience in personal injury law, providing effective representation for almost 50 years to victims of accidents, dog bites, medical malpractice, defamation, criminal acts such as sexual abuse, and other incidents.

Here are some of the basics you need to know about personal injury litigation and how the team at Alvarez Law can help get you back on your feet.

What Is Personal Injury Law?

Throughout history, from ancient Rome to the present, the law has pursued ways of addressing situations where another person’s careless or intentional actions injure someone. Today, the answer is often found through the application of personal injury law.

Personal injury law provides victims with a legal process to obtain compensation for negligent, reckless, and wrongful behavior that causes serious physical or psychological harm. The purpose of personal injury law is to allow you to collect damages for out-of-pocket losses and emotional harm related to the underlying accident. Generally, you can seek compensation for health care expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other emotional damages and potential costs.

In addition to protecting against catastrophic losses, personal injury law offers a way to prove accountability through punitive damages and prevent certain circumstances from happening again by identifying the means to improve safety.

Personal injury litigation occurs in all 50 states. The attorneys at Alvarez Law have a vast understanding of personal injury law in Illinois and Indiana and can help guide you and your family through the challenges that may lie ahead.

We've Recovered Billions for Clients

  • $15 Million Semi-Truck Accident
  • $8.5 Million Semi-Truck Accident
  • $4 Million Steel Mill Explosion
  • $3.55 Million Injured Tradesmen/Steelworker
  • $3 Million Prescription Medical Defect
  • $2.5 Million Amputation in Illinois

Role of the Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury cases often have tragic and traumatic circumstances in their aftermath. In severe accidents, for instance, a victim may be out of work for an extended time while recovering from their injuries. And damage to a reputation, such as a false accusation of a crime, can take a lifetime to heal.

Personal injury attorneys can free you to focus on your recovery rather than worrying about the complexities of the law. Our team at Alvarez Law will provide a no-obligation consultation to help evaluate the facts in your case, explain the law, and develop a legal strategy for seeking proper compensation.

One of our most significant roles is representing your interests in discussions with a third-party insurance company. Insurers will often seek to convince you to settle quickly to limit their losses. Attorneys can negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company for a fair out-of-court settlement, taking the pressure off you.

If those settlement discussions fail, our attorneys will represent you in any potential legal action. We’ll fully investigate your case, then draft and file a complaint consistent with the rules of the local court. It’ll be our responsibility to meet all court deadlines and respond to any motions from the opposing parties or questions from the judge.

Discussions can continue toward a settlement throughout this process. If the parties still can’t reach an agreement, then our team will prepare to take your case to trial and fight hard for the compensation you deserve.

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What Compensation Can I Collect in a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

The purpose of a personal injury lawsuit or claim is to obtain compensation for various types of injuries suffered in connection with an accident or other type of event, such as a dog bite. Both Illinois and Indiana allow plaintiffs to seek specific types of compensation.

  • Medical Expenses
    Severe injuries in an accident may require serious, lengthy, and expensive medical treatment. Under personal injury law, you can ask a judge or jury to award you the amount you’ve paid out of pocket to recover from the accident. This would include expenses for hospital care, including surgery, follow-up doctor’s visits, physical or emotional therapy, medications, medical devices to assist in recovery, and other items.
  • Lost Wages
    Severe injuries from an accident may make it impossible for you to work. Your personal injury claim can request compensation for lost wages. This includes the wages lost while you’re out of work recovering from your injuries and for missed shifts to attend follow-up doctor or rehabilitation appointments. You may be able to seek a lump sum for your future lost wages if the injury interferes with your ability to work.
  • Pain & Suffering
    In addition to those out-of-pocket and easily quantifiable losses, personal injury law allows plaintiffs to seek compensation for more subjective non-economic damages. This category includes amounts for physical pain, discomfort, and emotional distress. Juries in libel cases will often have to consider awarding amounts for emotional distress, as libel involves damage to someone’s reputation.
  • Property Damage
    Requests for compensation in personal injury lawsuits aren’t limited to bodily harm. Plaintiffs in Illinois and Indiana can also seek money if an incident damaged or destroyed a piece of personal property, such as a vehicle or house. The compensation would cover the cost of replacing or repairing that property.
  • Punitive Damages
    Sometimes personal injury cases involve extreme examples of negligence or recklessness — for instance, driving down a residential street at high speed. In those cases, plaintiffs may be able to ask for punitive damages to punish the defendant and send a larger message about their behavior.

Valuing the Claim: How We Can Help

One of the most important steps our personal injury attorneys will manage for you is estimating the value of your claim. This is harder than you might think, as it involves many variables, including some that are subjective.

As your attorneys, we’ll work with you to gather the proper documentation to establish an appropriate claim. Some factors involved are obvious, such as emergency and follow-up medical care costs and lost wages. In contrast, others are more subjective and based on comparisons to other cases. Those more personal items include the type of injury and how permanent it is, whether it required surgery and a lengthy recovery, how long you were out of work, and how much you would’ve earned in the future without the accident.

The location where you file the case is also a factor. The attorneys at Alvarez Law will research prior personal injury settlements and verdicts to ensure your compensation request isn’t out of a reasonable range.

No Win. No Fee. Guaranteed.

What If the Accident Involves a Fatality?

If a member of your family dies due to an accident, you may be able to file a wrongful death action against the other parties in the accident. Wrongful death cases follow some of the same rules and processes as personal injury cases. 

The most significant difference is with the plaintiff, who’s typically a surviving family member, such as a spouse or parent. In wrongful death cases, plaintiffs can ask a judge or jury to award damages for the additional element of “loss of consortium” for not having the victim around anymore, depriving the family member of companionship, affection, emotional support, or intimacy.

Like personal injury cases, plaintiffs can also seek compensation for the cost of the medical care of their loved one before they passed away, along with lost wages and earning potential for the family.

What You Can Expect from Us

Our personal injury law team will work hard to get you the compensation you deserve so you can focus on your recovery. We believe in treating our clients like family, focusing on frequent and transparent communication so you’re never left wondering what’s happening in your case.

Clients can expect a clear understanding of who the primary attorney will be on their case and whether other members of the firm will handle matters for them. We provide our clients with each attorney’s mobile phone number and maintain an open-door policy for clients and families.

The law can be confounding for some people. Our team will take the time to explain it and our strategy and give you the clearest possible understanding of case timelines and what to expect as the litigation unfolds.

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  • Indiana State Bar Association
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What Are the Different Types of Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury law is most commonly associated with vehicle accidents in all forms, involving cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, bicycles, motorcycles, and pedestrians. However, personal injuries can also occur in other types of situations, including the following. Other scenarios that may trigger the filing of a personal injury lawsuit include injuries through negligence in the workplace and nursing home abuse. Subject matter for personal injury cases can vary from state to state, depending on what laws are in place.

  • Medical Malpractice
    Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals who provide care that fails to meet professional standards may be named as defendants in personal injury lawsuits. This can happen when sub-standard care leads to errors that end with grave medical consequences.
  • Product Liability
    Companies manufacturing defective or dangerous products that lead to injuries or death may also be subject to personal injury litigation. The types of defective products involved could be anything from canned food that causes food poisoning to defective brakes on a vehicle.
  • Dog Bites
    Dogs can’t be held responsible in a court of law, but their owners can. If a dog bites someone and causes serious injuries, the owners may be held accountable via a personal injury lawsuit for their recklessness or negligence in failing to control the dog.
  • Criminal Acts
    Violent criminals have to answer for their actions in criminal court. But their victims may be able to file personal injury lawsuits to seek monetary damages for their injuries.
  • Defamation
    Personal injury law also recognizes instances that involve damage to a person’s reputation, such as when someone repeats falsehoods that put an individual in a negative light. These cases result in lawsuits for libel or slander.

Personal Injury Attorneys at Alvarez Law

If you’re a victim of physical or emotional injuries through someone’s negligence, carelessness, or recklessness, contact the team at Alvarez Law for help. Our attorneys and professional staff provide aggressive representation to our clients and build trust through frequent and transparent communication.

Founded by personal injury attorney Walter J. Alvarez in 1974, our firm focuses on helping people reclaim their physical and financial health after devastating, life-changing injuries or other circumstances. 

Call us or contact us today for a free no-obligation consultation. Let us help you and your family get back onto the road to recovery.

SERVING ALL 50 STATES Over 200 Years Combined Experience.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I Have A Case?
    Please make an absolutely free consultation with an Alvarez attorney. Our team of experienced trial attorneys will discuss your case with you and determine if we can help you, We will fight aggressively on your behalf and obtain the compensation you deserve for your injury. Remember no fee unless we win for you.
  • What Should I Do After An Accident?
    Your physical health is the most important and if you have been injured, call 911 to receive medical attention and then contact the police. After that, call the attorneys at Alvarez Law Office and we will assist with your medical needs, even if you do not have any health insurance.
  • Why Do I Need An Injury Attorney?
    The role of a personal injury lawyer is to aggressively fight for full compensation for your injuries. Alvarez Law Office’s team of attorneys will conduct an investigation and help obtain the medical attention you need for your injuries. We will focus on getting your car damages paid as well as getting you the compensation for your pain and suffering, that you deserve. Remember there are no fees unless we win your case.
  • What Separates Alvarez Law Office From Other Injury Attorneys
    Alvarez Law Office believe in treating clients like family. Walter Alvarez calls this the “Alvarez Difference.” Clients will have access to their attorney’s personal cell phone and access to our support staff of over 30 people. We have an open-door policy for clients and their loved ones. Our dedicated team of experienced attorneys are committed to getting you the maximum compensation for injuries
  • I Don't Have Health Insurance. How Can I Get Treatment?
    If you do not have health insurance, you may receive some coverage from your own med-pay auto insurance policy. If you were struck by an uninsured or underinsured motorist, you may be able to collect uninsured/underinsured coverage through your own policy. Sometimes, it may be necessary to retain a medical expert to calculate and anticipate your future or necessary medical treatment and costs. Our team works with medical experts who can make this opinion for you. Finally, we can sometimes make arrangements with doctors who are willing to treat patients on contingency whereby the doctor will be paid from your recovery. This means the doctor will be paid as part of your eventual settlement or jury award.