5 Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

car accident

Do you need a lawyer if you’ve been hurt in a car accident?

If your accident was more than a bump and you want full recovery, the answer is most certainly yes – you need a car accident lawyer.

Will you incur future medical bills? Is there a loss you don’t know how to prove? Does the insurance company’s settlement seem too low? Are you worried or unsure about the statute of limitations in Indiana?

If your case isn’t clear-cut and you want to avoid doing damage to your claim, you should consult with an attorney before taking any other steps. Learn more about personal injury attorneys here. 

If you’re not convinced, take a look at these 5 reasons why you need to hire a personal injury attorney. Give us a call at (219) 300-5204 to learn more today!

Knowledge of All Potential Damages

Knowing how to handle a car accident is not enough. You must know your rights, the full extent of damages, and what constitutes a fair compensation when filing a personal injury lawsuit or insurance claim.

You may be entitled to compensations for medical expenses, disability, disfigurement, and pain and suffering. If you’ve been incapacitated you they may owe you for lost income from your job, and your family’s loss of your companionship.

A car accident lawyer will know how much your injuries and mental distress are worth. When estimating an amount yourself, you might be aiming far too low.

Deep Knowledge of the Law

It’s quite unlikely that you know all the laws pertaining to your situation.

With all the experience car accident lawyers have, they can establish which laws and factors are relevant to your case, as well as provide thorough understanding of those laws and how the local court system interprets them.

This way you won’t need to waste time on research.

If it comes down to suing, be prepared for a lot of paperwork and confusing rules. You must figure out what to file, how to format, how to cite legal precedent, what evidence is admissible, and more. It’s very strict, and you have limited time.

You’ll need a good lawyer to guide you through a complicated lawsuit.

Insurance Negotiation

There are many ways the insurer can deny your claim, especially if they think you may be at fault.

Attorneys understand what information increases your chances of approval in both first- and third-party claims. If your claim does get denied, a lawyer is also ready to appeal and able to fight for your recovery rights.

You may be offered a monetary settlement by the insurance company to do away with your claim as quickly as possible and avoid a personal injury lawsuit. Many times this will not be a fair amount.

A car accident lawyer has the training and experience to know when offers are too low and how to negotiate for a better amount.

Representation in Court

Filing your case can be hard, but proving your case will be much harder. Rules and formalities can greatly limit what questions you can ask and what kinds of evidence you can present.

Convincing the court and jury to side with you may require extensive legal research, and proving personal injury liability is extremely difficult on your own.

You will need the competence and aggressive representation of a skilled car insurance lawyer if your case goes to court.

Avoid Financial Loss

What happens if you don’t file suit on time? What if you don’t address the right defendant for the right damages? And what about losing your case due to improperly presented information?

If this happens, you’ve lost your one shot at recovery and you can’t sue again. You’ll end up without compensation for your damages, and you’ll have to pay all the costs and fees for an accident someone else caused.

A car accident lawyer will help you avoid this.

Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

If you need an attorney to help you get your recovery, Alvarez can help you.

With 100 years of experience serving Indiana & Illinois, we’re confident, trusted, and committed injury attorneys.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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