6 Questions to Ask Your Truck Accident Lawyer

truck accident

In 2015, there were 415,000 reported crashes involving commercial trucks in the U.S. Of those, 83,000 caused injuries and over 3,500 were fatal.

If you were in a truck crash, you are probably facing serious injuries, expensive medical bills, and an extended period of time away from work. A lawyer can help you get compensation for those losses so you can get back on your feet.

If this is your first time dealing with the legal system, it’s natural to have questions about what happens next.

Here are 6 questions to ask your truck accident lawyer after a crash.

1. Who Is Responsible for My Crash?

If a truck driver plowed through a red light and hit your car, the answer to this question might seem obvious. However, thanks to the legal doctrine of vicarious liability, the driver’s employer may be responsible, too.

Your lawyer should conduct a thorough investigation to see who was responsible for your crash. That could be the driver, the trucking company, or even an auto manufacturer if a defective vehicle part caused the wreck.

Those responsible parties will have to pay for your damages.

2. What Damages Can I Recover?

Your damages are the monetary losses you experienced because of the wreck. That could include your medical bills, car repair costs, lost wages from work, and even your emotional distress.

Your lawyer can tally up your damages to give you an approximate value for your case.

3. Have You Worked on Truck Crash Cases Before?

In a truck crash, there’s a lot of extra evidence you may need to prove who was responsible. That could include the driver’s rest logs, the maintenance history of the truck, and other data that can help your case.

Federal law requires every trucking company to record this data, but you really need the help of a lawyer to access it.

Make sure your lawyer understands how to request and interpret this information from the trucking company. It could make or break your case.

4. How Will You Get Me Compensation?

Most lawyers will likely try to get you a financial settlement by filing an insurance claim with the trucking company’s provider. They’ll argue your case directly with the insurance company and request an out-of-court settlement to pay for your injuries.

To successfully get you a settlement, your lawyer will need experience negotiating against big trucking companies and their legal representation.

5. Do You Have Experience Facing Corporate Legal Teams?

Large trucking companies often retain full legal teams to protect them in times like this. Often times, their sole mission is to pay you as little as possible.

Ask your lawyer if they are ready to negotiate with a corporate legal team–and what they’ll do if negotiations fail.

6. Can You Represent Me in Court?

While your lawyer may try everything possible to get an out-of-court settlement for you, sometimes trucking companies refuse to offer fair compensation to crash victims.

If that happens in your case, you need a lawyer with litigation experience who can help you file a lawsuit to recover the money you need.

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