East Chicago Lead Contamination


In light of recent events, it’s hard for residents of the Calumet neighborhood to know who they can trust.

Thousands of residents are being forced out of their homes and faced with relocation costs due to lead contamination in their water. Residents are being solicited legal council from all angels so, naturally, figuring out who to trust is at the forefront of every resident’s mind at this time.

Alvarez Law Office currently represents 175 children that have been contaminated by lead poising at the time of this writing. Walter J. Alvarez considers this case one of the greatest injustices he’s fought for in his career.

“In my 43 years of practice helping injured people, I have never been so deeply touched and moved by the plight of the East Chicago residents of West Calumet Housing Complex in that not only do they face the emotional dramatic thought process of injury caused by lead poisoning of their innocent children, but also having to be totally uprooted and having to leave a majority, if not all of their possessions behind because of lead contamination,” said Walter Alvarez.

Alvarez Law Office has provided residents with transportation to our offices in Crown Point, Indiana, and facilitated a group meeting with citizens to discuss legal counsel. All of which, was aligned with the Rules of Professional Conduct.

Mr. Alvarez has also commented on the type of suits he would be filing. “I personally cannot agree to a certification of a class suit; for it is my position that individuals get shafted in a class action suit and it seems the only one who makes any money are the attorneys, who petition the court for a large majority of the settlement. Therefore, we intend to file individual suits for all our clients and pursue their rights on a case by case basis,” Alvarez said.

As usual, the needs of the clients are the top priority of Alvarez Law Office. The experience and expertise of our attorneys are what make us the most qualified to fight for the justice of the families in East Chicago. Call today for a free consultation.

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